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File Size Limitations on Email Attachments

Limitations on mail attachments:

When attaching a file to an email people most commonly tend to face the following doubts-

1. What is the maximum file size allowed to attach to an email?

It depends on the size that the email client or email service provider allows. And the size varies from email client to email client. (In HostRomeo, shared and reseller hosting SMTP server permits user up to 50 MB size limit.)

Here are our Webmail agents and their limits on outgoing attachments.

  • Horde – 50 MB
  • SquirrelMail – 50 MB
  • RoundCube – 50 MB

2. Why I get a mail delivery failure notice when sending an email with an attachment?

Many factors affect the cause of your mail not being sent. Mainly the reasons fall under these categories.

a) Exceeding file size:

This condition occurs if the file attached is larger than the mail client limitation. Normally a 23 MB or smaller file would be compatible. Avoid files that are too big.

b) Type of file:

There are certain file types blocked by any server for security threats.  Such file types are .src  .exe. If these kinds of files are not blocked then your mail box would be filled everyday with viruses. The only possible way is to send your attachment under a zip file.

c) Recipient’s incoming limit:

The recipient’s email service provider may have lesser attachment limit. If too large file is sent then they typically reject it. Some of the popular email service providers and their incoming attachment limits are listed here:

  • Gmail / Google Mail – 25 MB
  • Yahoo! Mail – 25 MB
  • Windows Live / Hotmail / MSN – 25 MB
  • Lycos Mail – unlimited
  • Excite Mail – 25 MB
  • AOL Mail – 25 MB

So if you are mailing to any of these mentioned email services better not to exceed their attachment limits.

(These limitations could be changed at any time, however the ‘mail service providers’ would like to modify without any notification.)

d) Recipient’s mail box limit:

Consider your recipient has certain limit and if their mail box is full then the mail sent will be certainly rejected.

3. My mail client attachment limit is 30 MB and I am sending exactly t he same size file. But I’m unable to send, why?

When a file attachment is send over the internet cloud it is subject to MIME encoding, which makes the size of the file to enlarge up to 40% of its actual size on your hard drive. So a 30 MB attached file would enlarge up to 42 MB which in turn exceeds your email client limit.

4. What are the possible ways to send extremely big files as an email attachment?

There are no possible ways to add very large files to an email.

Certainly you need to find other ways like uploading the file to a website or using web applications and so on.

HostRomeo’s mail attachment limits:

Our servers facilitate email attachment limits as follows. Shared and Reseller hosting:  Max limit 35 MB.

Dedicated Linux:

Since you have root access you can set the max limit. This does not mean that recipient server will accept large size. By default the limit is same as our shared plans.

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