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How to reduce your “Bandwidth” consumption

Compressing can save a lot:

To reduce your bandwidth utilization due to file downloads from your websites; compress your files with these methods – zip, tar+gzip, bzip2, rar and by other compression means! This can help your visitors downloading the expected files faster and gain lesser bandwidth burning up!

Make it uncomplicated:

Create external CSS and Java Scripts for easier managements and by the way reduce your .html files’ size! Do not embed CSS and Java scripts in every page, this would help in a tremendous augmentation in faster loading and reduces bandwidth consumption!

Optimizing your images:

Optimize or trim down the images and avoid flash banners if it is used unnecessarily! Static web-page diminishes the bandwidth consumption extremely, whereas a dynamic webpage is all meant to attract the viewers but with an assured larger expenditure of Bandwidth.


Do caching, this will help superbly as once a viewer opens your website, the browser memorizes your website’s CSS and your website’s Images completely. And when the same viewer returns to your website it will open in a matter of micro seconds for the reason that the browser already remember the entirety of it.

Delete useless stuffs:

Remove unnecessary white spaces, tags, texts, videos, comments and images. This will reduce the bandwidth and altogether this will decrease the loading time of the webpage, in the sense the webpage loads faster than before.


Wiser Optimization:

Optimize the coding wisely, for example: There are two ways in marginalizing a picture in CSS scripting:

Method 1:

#footer {

Margin-top: 18px;

Margin-bottom: 5px;

Margin-right: 8px;

Margin-left: autopx;

Method2 (the wiser to follow):

#footer {

Margin-top: 18px 8px 5px autopx;

Following these sorts of methods would help in faster downloading!

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